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 Always check up on this page.  It is ever-growing and adding new content. There will be notifications on my social media when updates have been added to the page and tune in for them. Scroll below and see what this page is all about.  

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Movies News is about informing the news of what is happening with upcoming short film releases, trailers, status on upcoming short films, and even featurettes that become available online here on this page. Check out it below and see what is new is happening. 

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Due to the high volume of visual effects, the release date of, " My Best Friend is an Alien from Outer Space ", will be postponed until further notice. Please stay tuned for updates as they become available.  

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This page will be temporally closed starting October 1st and will re-open on October 24th for Halloween week. During the temporary closure, the page will go through adding new content to the page.  Plus, it will be transformed into Halloween at Beyond The Reel. Tune in for more cool updates this coming Saturday, October 1st.