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Filming Started for My Best Friend is An Alien from Outer Space


Filming has already started this past week on the upcoming short film for My Best Friend is An Alien from Outer Space which is slated for a September release this year. Tune in for updates on the coming weeks and months ahead of this short film. There will be a trailer for the film as well. Scroll below for more details on the trailer release of the film.. 

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My Youtube Page has gone through some changes this past weekend. One thing is that the Youtube Banner has been updated. Plus, an Upload time has been added. What does this mean here on my website? It means that you will now know when a video becomes available on my youtube page. 

Upload Time: Every 2nd & 4th of Every Month at 7:00 pm.

Upcoming Releases

Shrink Ray 3000 Commerical

Shrink Ray 3000 commercial is a fictional commercial made for a tutorial on Shrinking. This Tutorial will be available online on Friday, April 29th at 7:00 pm at my youtube page. It will be also be added to all my social media following the start of the time at 7:00 pm

Shrink Ray 3000 VFX Tutorial Video

This video will go into detail and tutorial on how to do the effect of shrinking a subject or enlarging an object. 

Release Date: May 13, 2022

VFX Tutorial Video: How to Shrink in size and enlarge an Object?

This video vlog will show a complete guide and tutorial on how to shrink in size and how to enlarge an object. 

Release Date: May 13


This Reel will show the complete combination of past short films that shows past short films that have VFX in them. 

Release: Date 5/27/2022

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I am proud to announce that VFX tutorials will be making their way to my website and will have their own page there. In addition, It will also be on my youtube page as well with its own playlist.


Tune in for the release on April 29th. Plus, the commercial for the Shrink Ray 3000 will be released on the same day.  This will be the first promo commercial for the effect. Following the commercial, there will be a tutorial on the shrinking effect on April 13th. Tune in for that as I give a tutorial on it. 


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The Short film My Best Friend is an alien from Outer Space will be the next short film that will be released this year. The status of the film is coming along and is currently in the stage of being finalized. 


This is the synopsis of the film right here:  

Synopsis: Cosmo is an alien from the Year 3,254 and on the run from Nyron an alien Cyborg bounty hunter. However, Cosmo uses time travel to evade Nyron but lands in the year 2022. Everything doesn’t go as planned when his ship gets accidentally gets smashed by an earthling. Now, his new friend Alex and Cosmo must work together to fix his ship or be captured by Nyron. 

Status on the Trailer: Will there be a trailer for this short film? Yes, there is going to be a trailer for this film that is slated to come out this summer. Tune in for an update on it in the weeks and coming months ahead. 


The genre of the Film: Live Action - animated buddy Comedy film,