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  "Art is the construct of creativity "

This page is all about the creation of animation by looking at past works of animated films and showing the technical aspect of them.

It will also show insight and knowledge about the films. In addition, it will show upcoming animated short films that are being worked on. 

Scroll Down as you see the techinical aspect of what animator creates through the art of animation.

Check out the very first short film I created right here. It is titled The One Leaf That Got Away. This tells a story about a tree and its leaf as the leaves its resting place on a tree.

The technical aspect of this film was to create an environmental setting to create a tree as the eyes follow the path of a leaf. This concept was used to create this story. This was always a school assignment for a class I took for Introduction to Digital animation. Once this assignment was ended for the class. I thought of creating an animated short and giving it a story this is where the title came to be as The One leaf that away.

Space Station Hercules became the second animated short film I created. Check out right here with this video. 

Set in the far future, Space station Tucana is a
a way station for alien life for trade and export but until a chemical leak within the space station causes all the inhabitants to leave. During the leak it causes one of the carry-on luggage in a storage room to come to life. Now the carry-on luggage, Hercules, must find its purpose and meaning of life in the cosmos.

Prior to making this film, the inspiration came to be from a class assignment from my introduction to digital animation class. It was to create animatics. Animaniacs is a video clip showing a rough drawing of a character in their setting of where they are. my character was a bag. I had the option of creating the look of the bag and the location of the scene. The setting of the place I choice was a storage room on a spaceship in the future. Check out the clip right here: 

Sacking Bag Assigment

Rough drawing of the Sacking bag
Final drawings for the sacking bag
rough drawing of the storage room
Final drawing + Colorized look

Rough Drawings + Final Looks of the assigment

The Mystery House at Crawford Manor short film was a blend of Live Action Elements blended with animation within the film. Check it out right here.

Synopsis: Andy Gardener has always been a fan of magic and his favorite resident magician The Mighty Crawford that resides in his town of Shandwick Falls. While he is working on a history paper for his history class on the house. He starts to learn the existence of ghosts there but learns there's more to the house than he ever thought.

The Mystery House at Crawford Manor was good challenge blending live-action elements and blending animation within the narrative story as one film. Looking at the animation side blending was a challenge, but it was good for one to create. Below is the work that went into creating the animated characters and the animated world The Shattered Realm. 

Rough  Drawings of the Shattered Realm

Rough Drawings for the character of Andy
Andy - in colorization
Rough Drawings of Eli
Eli -  colorization character

look at the Animated Characters of the film

This scene shows Andy exploring through the house looking for the phoenix wand. While I was working on editing and creating the shattered realm. Originally, the Shattered Realm was in color so I decide to change to black and white. The reason I changed change it from color to black and white was to create a sense of darkness through the shattered realm. It also gave the characters like Eli and Andy depth to their characters in a world of black and white. 

Andy Explores the House looking for the phoenix wand as he enters the attic. 

Creating the World of  The Crawford Manor in the shattered realm was fun and challenge of creating that world what it would like in an animated world in comparison to real-life within the story. This brought a challenge showing two worlds one an animated world and one in our reality. This was the most fun and challenging. This scene here shows what the entrance of Crawford manor would look like in the shattered realm. 

              The Mystery House at Crawford Manor was the first film I created where it shows two worlds. One being the animated world and the other in real-time in our reality. 


Sparkle Silver Nose Reindeer is the very first-holiday short film I created. Check it out right here.

Synopsis: Sparkle has always been one of the fasted flying reindeer but has trouble slowing her speed and comes to realize she has a fear of heights. Will She be able to fly with the rest of the herd on Christmas Eve or will her fears ground her?


Creating the world of Sparkle Silver Nose Reindeer was the most animation drawings of characters and background settings I have ever done. It came out as my first holiday animated short. Check out the rough drawings of the characters right here: 

santas - walk cycle - ready for colorization
walk cycle for santa claus - colorization - ready for to use for edit
santa claus - final looks
sparkle - rough drawings - character spin 2_edited
sparkle - rough drawings - character spin 2_edited
flying color cycle
walk cycle - sparkle
walk cycle 5 with no faces
Sparkle Character - colorization edit
frosty walk cycle 1 -  ready for color
frosty coloriztion - walk cycle - ready to edit
frost the snow man - look
alfie walk cycle
alfie - colorization
alfie in color
Rough drawings of Candy Cane Mel
candy cane Mel - colorized - ready to add in edit
Candy Cane Mel - character look

Characters of the Film

workshop village
Santa's village finalization in illustar
ext candy land street 2 - photoshop edit
Candy land street with color
candy land town Square
Candy land Square with color
down town of candy land town
down town of Candyland town with color

Before & After pictures background settings

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Tune in on February 25th on Behind the Scenes of Sparkle Silver Nose Reindeer. This video will show deleted scenes of the film. In addition, it will share the animation side of the film showing the character designs and the character spins.