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Welcome to the official page for the short film Fall of Tomorrow. This page will give you the content of all updates on the upcoming release of the film from the production status of the film to its release here online. 

Check out the new official poster for the film right here.

This is the new official Poster for the Science Fiction Action Drama film Fall of Tomorrow. The release of the film will be released in 2021. Due to the current events that happening.  This film has been bumped into next year.  Tune in more on this film here on my website and on all my social media.

Story: Set in the far future, Earth is a desolate planet, no democracy, people, and aliens survive on a deserted planet. until an alien scavenger, Orion stumbles upon a diabolical plot where the antagonist the dark elves has plans to take out humanity and all life. Will Orion find the hero within to save the galaxy and all of the universe. 

production status

Currently, this is filming is being written right now. The Release date is set to be released next year. Tune in for more updates as the weeks and months continue on.


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