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Halloween has come to Beyond the Reel and is called Beyond the Grave this year. Check it out this promotional trailer about it right here.

This is the premier website to check out all Halloween theme short films and trailers for the month of October. during this time Halloween short films and trailers get released. 

Every year around this time my website gets turned around and gets in the mood of Halloween for the whole month. This is decorated and fitted in the spirit of Halloween. It is also releases new Halloween theme short films and trailers. keep scrolling down here for more ghoulish delights and movie news. 


Halloween has come to Beyond the Reel and is called Beyond the Grave. Check it out this promotional trailer about it that has come to my website: and my youtube page.

Synopsis of the Film: Mark has always felt comfortable and safe until one-night jogging learns the existence of vampires. Can he handle the truth of what happens when nightfall comes, when Vampires comes out at night?

Now Avaible Online

 Check it out right here:


A 30 something soft-spoken Nathan is having trouble committing to a relationship but as he grapples with his internal issues. He meets unlikely his new friend a ghost but everything is not what it seems with the ghost and beyond. He starts to learn that his world and the world beyond collides with each other as a sinister plot emerges for both of them. 

Release Date: October 30th 


This past year, I have advertised a short film titled The Devils Book slated to be released this Halloween season but do state of the current of events and the short window of time to make this film. I have decided to put this out later in 2021. Now, Another change has happened to the film which is a new title. Now, This film is titled: The Magical Creatures Book of Winter. 


Story: A college student Winter Campbell has always felt alone in her world but during her final season in college. While she is studying for finals stumbles upon an old ancient creature spellbook. Despite her curious nature, she reads a passage out of the book and casts out the darkest creature alive.  Now, it is up to her to find the hero within herself and save all of humanity before it is all gone.

Scheduled Release Date: Attentive Halloween 2021

Tune in for more on this film in the coming months ahead for updates on this new short film. 

Years later, after an unknown string of murders that plague The town of Red Myers Cove, CA, and community college. One night, Danny Jacobs taking a night class learns the killer is a female vampire. Now, he and his friend's bands together before any more people die in his town and school.

Currently, the film status is slated attentive for the 2021 Release date. The month of release is currently being worked on. For Now, Check out the teaser trailer for it right here:


On Saturday, October 31, Red Wagon will be re-released. Typically, my upload times are regularly scheduled on Friday evenings, In spirit of Halloween. I will be re-releasing Red wagon and in addition. This year marks the first year of its release for this month. 

Synopsis of the film: On a fateful Halloween night, alighting strikes a soulless wagon that gets possessed by a demonic spirit. Now, It learns its true nature of what it means to be a killer.

Tune in on Halloween Day for a special video airing on Halloween. This video will be a video announcement on the Halloween page ending on Halloween. It will also give a sneak peek for next year for Halloween. Tune in later this week for a follow up on the details of the time of this release. It will only be aired on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

Release Date: October 31st