A web series of epic proportions as I navigate the San Francisco Bay Area for places to see for locating Scouting the upcoming summer release of the short film: Fall of Tomorrow.


NOTIFICATION UPDATE: The Series will be ending this next month with the last episode on August 21st. This will be the last vlog here at my website and my youtube page. This series has been great and fun to promote here for my short film Fall of Tomorrow. There are 2 episodes left for this 6 part series. Scroll below to see which episodes are left. 

* This page will be constantly be updated so tune in for more updates as it develops. 

Pilot Episode 1: Sutro Baths & Lands End - San Francisco 

Check out episode 1 and see me location scouting for the summer release of Fall Tomorrow at Sutro Baths and Lands End in San Francisco, CA .

Pilot Episode 2: Golden Gate Park

Check out Episode two of my web series for Location Scouting for Fall of Tomorrow Short Film. This series takes you the viewer on the adventures around the San Francisco bay area looking for places to see as I check out places to film for the science fiction short film: Fall of tomorrow. Which is slated for a summer release.

Episode 3: ALBANY BULB

This episode takes you to unlikely place in the San Francisco bay area which is Albany Bulb. 

Episode 4: Battery Godfrey Park, San Francisco,CA

This Vlog discusses my web series Location Scouting For Fall of Tomorrow. It will cover following topics: The Series gets extended through the summer, Releasing the upcoming episodes here on youtube. This will be only vlog at my youtube page.

Episode 5: Green Family Summer Home, Mount Diablo, CA

Status: Schedule to Release on July 17,2020

This Vlog will take you through the Hills of Mount Diablo and through to the Abandon Green Family Home. Get Ready for adventure and exploration this month. 

This Series is recorded & Filmed on Canon DSLR SL -1