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Filmmaking as An Art

Film Making is a passion

Film-making is a passion and art for me. I have always been a fan of films since I was a kid. Later in life, I came to remember why filmmaking is a passion for me. Films have been a place to go on an adventure or action what the genre of film I watch. Now, being a filmmaker i get to create the world of the story and the environment of the film. Scroll below and see the types of films that I create. 


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Story: During the fall of the first fight with the Wraiths and coming to grips he is not human. Evan learns he must travel through space to reach Andorra The Lost City of Atlantis to reach the staff of Moonda so he can stop the Wraiths of Eldor for once and for all to save his earth and countless worlds in the process.

Story: In the 23rd century, A young adult Evan comes to learn he is half-alien and human but comes to learn he is not alone in the universe as Alistair reaches him After the Attack on the Desert Plains of Achilles. Now, it is a race against time to defeat the Wraiths of Eldor before all is lost. Will Evan step up and accept his destiny as a S.E.N.T.I.N.E.L. Ranger


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In the far future, Alexandra is a technologically advanced alien race. During a battle against the Wraiths of Eldor. Alistair of Moonda a ranger flees his home planet and in hopes to find others to the band with him to defeat the wraiths. Upon his travels, he comes to learn another of his species in the deepest part of the universe. Will he make it in time to reach the half-alien/half-human Evan on planet Earth?

 Genre: science fiction, fantasy supernatural, drama

When we watch a film, we see by our eyes and ears what is happening through our senses and we take in my experience of what is happening infront of us. Now journey through the deep sea as we begin to unravel the complexities of how sounds make an impact on our senses and the experiences, we enjoy through the art of watching a film.

Gemre: observational documentary

A young adult Nathan is about to learn the existence of ghosts but not everything is what seems when both worlds collide.

Genre: Supernatural Drama Action

Genre: Drama, Supernatural

Story: A young adult Mark is about to learn the existence of vampires on one nightfall night. Will he handle the truth after being turned into one?

Genre: Horror Comedy

Story: A Continuation and conclusion to the short film The Case of Victoria Taylor. Now, john must piece together the case of what happened to Victoria Taylor as her assailant is on his trail yet again before John uncovers the truth of what happened.

Genre Dramedy, Film Noir

During the time of the 1930s, Blue Star Studios is at the hype of Hollywood. Now, they called in the best of Hollywood's detective agency John Jackson from Jackson and Moore Agency to the stars. Now, He must hunt to find out what happened to the famous actress Victoria Taylor.

Genre: Dramaedy, Film Noir

Charlie has always never believed in ghosts. For her and drive to prove the truth about Ghosts. She determined than ever. Now, she is your tuber and proving to the world ghosts are not real. however, She is about to get a wake-up call of her life when she witnesses a ghost.

Genre: Supernatural Comedy

Liam is a gamer and gets the game of his life when he buys the latest new VR gaming system but unaware of what waits for him in the VR world.

Genre: Science Fiction Comedy

 A young adult Thomas returns to his childhood home town of Lake View, Maine after the passing of his brother Mitchell. He hopes to start a new life there, but secrets will emerge that will change for him.

 Genre: Supernatural Drama

Synopsis of the Film: Alex, a 33 year old man wants to travel with his friends during spring break, but cannot because he doesn’t have money to travel to London. In Returns, he receives a box with a special bracelet inside that gives the him the ability to teleport.

Genre: Science Fiction Comedy

Set in the year 2120, It is a future of technology as Nickolas Faraday invented a robot name C.A.S.H. ( Central, Automated, Service, Humanoid ) A robot able to perform every need you desire to use for from house cleaning to be a protector but things don't go as planned when one robot develop a personality and decided a revolt from humanity. Now, it is a race against time before C.A.S.H. releases a robotic assault on humanity and it's up to Nick to save our universe before the clutches of a coming robotic apocalypse.

Genre: Science Fiction Comedy

A Student made short film tells a story about the fame 1980's Rocker Jeff Lizard. This one on one interviews takes you back to early 2000's where Entertainment News Today Interviewed him.

Genre: Comedy

A love story between and two shakers Salt and Pepper and their unforgettable love for each other. Can they live and love together?

Genre: Comedy

Check out this observational short film about the life of birds as they live in tranquility at a local pond as they co-exist with nature.

Genre: observational documentary

First Impressions is a student made short film from a school assignment in my film class this past semester. Shout out to writer and director to Jerome Williams on the story of the film.

Genre: Comedy 

Synopsis: On a fateful Halloween night, alighting strikes a soulless wagon that gets possessed by a demonic spirit. Now, It learns its true nature of what it means to be a killer.

Genre: Horror Comedy

Synopsis: A mid 30’s college student having trouble to commit to a real relationship comes into contact with alien feather, which inadvertently turns in him into an alien. Now, a shadow government agency is out to get him and kill him without any hesitation now he is on run for his life from this dark agency. Will he Survive?

Gerne: Science Fiction, Comedy

Story: It is set in a dystopian future where Nickolas is on the run from evil Dragon Overlord who is bent on power and control of his Nickolas power that comes from a family medallion but with it Dimitri can take control of the realm and destroy all of mankind.

Genre: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts

This short film tells the story about a 20-year-old man Alan who comes to learn he is dead and must reconcile with his girlfriend before death comes knocking. The story is based off on a Robert J. Lee story and adapted for this short film. 

Genre: Drama

A 30-year-old young man is on the run of his life after he steals a top-secret peach that could be a cure to the human race from a zombie apocalypse.

Genre: Horror Comedy