Tune in this coming friday for the release of the Short film Phantasm. This wont be your typical short film. This will be my first drama short film here at my website and at my youtube page. I am getting exited for the release of the short film. Mark your personal devices for this film.

Story: A Young adult Thomas comes home to lake, View Maine, While hoping for a new beginning at life from the passing of his brother. He comes to learn secrets and lies within his own family. Can he come to terms of the loss and lies to move on ?

Genre: Drama, Mystery, and Supernatural

This Vlog discusses my web series Location Scouting For Fall of Tomorrow. It will cover following topics: The Series gets extended through the summer, Releasing the upcoming episodes here on youtube. This will be only vlog at my youtube page.

Upcoming Trailers


Check out the first teaser trailer to the short film Phantasm.  Synopsis: A young adult Thomas returns to his childhood home town to Lake View, Maine after the passing of his brother Mitchell. He hopes to start a new life there, but secrets will emerge that will change for him. Genre: Drama, Mystery, Supernatural

Upcoming Short Films

Story: Charlie has always never believed in ghosts. For her and drive to prove the truth about Ghosts. She determined for than ever. Now, she is a you tuber and proving to the world ghosts are not real. however, She is about to get a wake up call of her life when she witness a ghost.

This short film is slated to be release next month. The Release of the Date is June 6th. Mark your personal devices for this film.