Check out the 2nd trailer to the short film Red Wagon. Synopsis: On a fateful Halloween night, a lighting strikes a soulless wagon that gets possessed by a demonic spirit. Now, It learns its learns its true nature of what it means to be a killer.

Recently, I released the short film Dragon Tales along with it shows a deep look on the process of the making the short film.

Story of the Short film: It is set in a dystopian future where Nickolas is on the run from evil Dragon Over lord who is bent on power and control of his Nickolas power that comes from a family medallion but with it Dimitri can take control of the realm and destroy all of man kind.


While with the film. I have attached a Extended edition of BTS (Behind The Scenes) of the film. Check out this one time video. It will start off with the short film. Behind The Scenes of the Film will follow right after the short film.  


1. This was my second short film to direct along with a minimal crew on set. 

2. While filming the short film this was a the first short film where I introduced dragons in a short film. 


The lead actor filming the scenes acted with nothing with out a green ball to look interms of interacting with dragon in the sky. 

2. This was the first action short film that I have ever directed while the stunts looked professional. In addition in being an action film. Both actors knew of parkour. Where i introduced this free style of movement on film. 

4. This was the first parkour narrative story for a short film. 

Music Station will be a new added page here that is coming to my website. Currently right now it is under construction. This new page will feature soundtracks from past short films. This will be the first music page of its kind here. you as the viewer will be able to full hear full lengths songs from short films that is made. Check out a glimpse of what it looks like right  here.  Tune in on May 1st for the full unveiling of this new page.