A New web series

Check out my new page here at my website by simply clicking on it above here. it is a series that is currently running now. Check it out and follow each episode each month. This 6 part episode will feature one episode each month that explore different sights and places around San Francisco Bay Area to location scout for the summer film Fall of Tomorrow. 

Up Coming Short Next Month

Mark you calendar for this one time short film. It is a story about the famous Rocker Jeff Lizard and his life as a rocker during the 1980's from his rise in his career and his fall to drugs.

Genre: Mockumentary

Tune in on February 28th for the short film Salt & Pepper. It is a story about love and what it means to forgive. 

Format: Black & White

Genre: Romantic - Comedy

Tune in Next month for a follow a video on the coming spring short Film After Hours. 

Years later, after unknown string of murders that plagues a local town and community college. One night, Danny Jacobs taking a night class learns the killer is a female vampire. Now, he and his friends must band together before any more people die in his town.


Genre: Drama - Action 


UNTITLED SHORT FILM POSTER RELEASE FOR NEXT MONTH.   Tune in on February 29th for more on this pending short film.