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SHORT FILMS & Fan Made Trailers

My name is Ryan Gallagher and I am a filmmaker and youtube. This website is a collection of my works as a filmmaker from being a director, makeup artist, actor, screenwriter. Check out short films and the production on them on the navigation bars belows here.


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Making Short films has always been a hobby of mine and now as a film maker. It has become a passion of mine more than ever. Check out below some of my short films. 

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Story: When we watch a film, we see by our eyes and ears what is happening through our senses and we take in my experience of what is happening infront of us. Now journey through the deep sea as we begin to unravel the complexities of how sounds make an impact on our senses and the experiences, we enjoy through the art of watching a film.

Story: In the far future, Alexandra is a technologically advanced alien race. During a battle against the Wraiths of Eldor. Alistair of Moonda a ranger flees his home planet and in hopes to find others to the band with him to defeat the wraiths. Upon his travels, he comes to learn another of his species in the deepest part of the universe. Will he make it in time to reach the half-alien/half-human Evan on planet Earth?

Check out more of my short films right here  and discover the archive page. to see more short films by clicking on the icon logo: 

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Check out this section and get the latest in upcoming short films. Plus, Upcoming new posters for upcoming releases. 

Story: A local student Danny Jacobs taking a night class at Red Myers Community college learns vampires are hiding out on his campus. Now, he and his friends must battle a horde of vampires to save their school and town they live in.

Story: In the 23rd century, A young adult Evan Mccory comes to learn he is half-alien and human but comes to learn he is not alone in the universe as Alistair reaches him After the Attack on the Desert Plains of Achilles. Now, it is a race against time to defeat the Wraiths of Eldor before all is lost. Will Evan step up and accept his destiny as a S.E.N.T.I.N.E.L. Ranger.

Check out more trailers like these by clicking on the icon picture. It will take you directly to the page to see more trailers. 


New & Upcoming Productions is a great page that offers the most up-to-date on all upcoming short films, updates, featurettes, production status and is schedule releases. This is great to check out and follow along on all film productions that is happening in real time. 

This page gears towards the most up-to-date on film production status, featurettes and so much more. Check out this once in a life to time to follow along on all film releases and get behind the scenes on some of the films. Check it out right here by clicking on the icon picture. It will take you directly to the page. 


Music Station is a page for listening on some of the past musical scores from past short films. where I composed some of the songs for short films. 

This Page offers you the chance to listen to original scores from past and current short films. Scroll down and listen to the music. This page is in preview mode. Check out the full content of this page on January 1st. It is available to be viewed. Click on the icon below to view the page.

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