My name is Ryan Gallagher and I am film maker and I run a website called Beyond The Reel. This website is a film base web site showcasing my work as a film maker from short films to fan made trailers.



Alex, a 33 year old man wants to travel with his friends during spring break, but cannot because he doesn’t have money to travel to London. In Returns, he receives a box with a special bracelet inside that gives the him the ability to teleport.

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Genre: Drama, Mystery, Supernatural

Synopsis: A young adult Thomas returns to his childhood home town to Lake View, Maine after the passing of his brother Mitchell. He hopes to start a new life there, but secrets will emerge that will change for him.

* Release this coming Friday.




Set in the year 2120, It is a future of technology as Nickolas Faraday invented a robot name C.A.S.H. ( Central, Automated, Service, Humanoid ) A robot able to perform every need you desire to use for from house cleaning to being a protector but things dont go as planed when one robot develop a personality and decided a revolt from humanity. Now, it is a race against time before C.A.S.H. releases a robotic assault on humanity and its up to Nick to save our universe before the clutches of a coming robotic apocalypse.

Genre: Science Fiction, Comedy


Tune in this coming Friday for Phantasm. Get ready this will be a rollercoster of drama, suspense, mystery, and even supernatural. 

Story: A young adult Thomas comes homes to his childhood hometown Lake View, Maine after the passing of his brother Mitchel and hoping to start a new life there. Everything doesn't go as plan for him as he hoped but secrets and lies comes to light  that will change his life. Will he start a new life or run away from them ? 

Genre: Drama, Suspense, Mystery, Action

Story: Charlie has always never believed in ghosts. For her and drive to prove the truth about Ghosts. She determined for than ever. Now, she is a you tuber and proving to the world ghosts are not real. however, She is about to get a wake up call of her life when she witness a ghost.

Genre: Supernatural, comedy, 

Release Date: June 6, 2020

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