My name is Ryan Gallagher and I am film maker and I run a website called Beyond The Reel. This website is a film base web site showcasing my work as a film maker from short films to fan made trailers.


Shadow Hunters

Story: Charlie has always never believed in ghosts. For her and drive to prove the truth about Ghosts. She determined for than ever. Now, she is you tuber and proving to the world ghosts are not real. however, She is about to get a wake-up call of her life when she witnesses a ghost.

Genre: Science Fiction, Comedy

Link to a short film:


X90: A Virtual Odyssey

Story: A Gamer gets the game of his life Cyclops 90 a new 3D gaming system but unaware of what waits for him in the VR world. A price comes to him when he learns VR is alive and wants him to stay. Now now he must find a way to escape before it is late for him. 

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy

Release Date: Friday 20,2020


Synopsis: A film noir film about the detective John Jackson working in Hollywood as a famous Detective agency to the stars. All of Sudden there has been a murder onset of the latest film Princess of Egypt. Now, he must find out who the killer is before its too late for another murder happens. 

Release Date: July 24, 2020

Status: Filming

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