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Film making is a passion and an art. 

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Synopsis: Sparkle has always been one of the fasted flying reindeer but has trouble slowing her speed and comes to realize she has a fear of heights. Will She be able to fly with the rest of the herd on Christmas Eve or will her fears ground her?

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About This Website

My name is Ryan Gallagher and I am a filmmaker and a content creator on my youtube page Beyond The Reel. I make short films, trailers, and filmmaking/VFX tutorials. Check out more about me and my filmography by clicking on the link below. 



Check out and see an array of animated short films to live-action shorts. Plus Check out the trailers for them as well.

at beyond the reel

It shows the behind-the-scenes of films, featurettes, filmmaking & VFX tutorial videos, Animation Corner that goes the behind-the-scenes of past animated films, Production status on all upcoming short films about to stream at my youtube page and here at my website. 


This portfolio shows the collection of my work as a photographer. 


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