My name is Ryan Gallagher and I am a filmmaker. This website is a collection of my works as filmmaker from the director, makeup artist, actor. Check out the short films below here and enjoy it. 

Professional Camera Equipment




This page is a collection of my make-up portfolio of past works and current works.  as an artist. I am always creating new and creative ways to use my kit and brushes and makeup creams to create. 

Link to Page: https://www.beyondthereel.net/make-up-porfolio

This  Page is where my past and collection of works are archived from past and current works. This is a collection of short films I have worked on and it constantly ever added with new current works.


Link to page:  https://www.beyondthereel.net/filmography

This page is all about the music of some of the past and current films. I have composed and written soundtrack scores for them. This page gives you a chance to listen to the music that has been in some of the short films. 

Link to Page: https://www.beyondthereel.net/untitled-page-release-on-april-17th

This page takes you behind the past of current films from the onset of  Behind the Scenes of past and current films and featurettes. This page also gives you the most up to date on upcoming short films to be released.  

Link to Pages: https://www.beyondthereel.net/behind-the-scenes-1

Link to Page: https://www.beyondthereel.net/behind-the-scenes-1

This page is for the upcoming short film Fall of Tomorrow slated to be released in 2021. This page guides you through the progress of the film from script to screen. check out the latest news as it continues to come in.  

Link to Page: https://www.beyondthereel.net/behind-the-scenes



Check out the preview for the next short film: The Sounds of the Deep Sea. Synopsis: an observational documentary as you explore through the deep sea to hear how sound plays an important part in a narrative film.


A young adult Nathan is about to learn the existence of ghosts but not everything is what seems when both worlds collide.

Genre: Supernatural, Drama, Romance

Mark has always felt comfortable and safe until one-night jogging learns the existence of vampires. Can he handle the truth of what happens when nightfall comes, when Vampires comes out at night?

Genre: Horror, Comedy

A Continuation and conclusion to the short film The Case of Victoria Taylor. Now, john must piece together the case of what happened to Victoria Taylor as her assailant is on his the trail yet again before John uncovers the truth of what happened.

Genre: Dramaedy

A continuation of the first short film. The story revolves around 30 something-year-old Kevin on the run of his life from North Korea as he steals a peach from them as he runs with his life in a zombie apocalypse

Genre: Action, Horror, Comedy, 

A mid 30’s college student having trouble committing to a real relationship comes into contact with an alien feather, which inadvertently turns in him into an alien. Now, a shadow government agency is out to get him and kill him without any hesitation now he is on run for his life from this dark agency. Will he Survive?

Genre; Dramaedy

Story: During the time of the 1930s, Blue Star Studios is at the hype of Hollywood. Now, they called in the best of Hollywoods detective agency John Jackson from Jackson and Moore Agency to the stars. Now, He must hunt to find out what happened to the fame actress Victoria Taylor.

Genre; Dramaedy

Story: Charlie has always never believed in ghosts. For her and drive to prove the truth about Ghosts. She determined for than ever. Now, she is a you tuber and proving to the world ghosts are not real. however, She is about to get a wake up call of her life when she witness a ghost.

Genre: Supernatura, Comedy

Liam is a gamer and gets the game of his life when he buys the latest new VR game system but unaware of what waits for him in the VR world.

Genre: Science Fiction, Comedy

A young adult Thomas returns to his childhood home town to Lake View, Maine after the passing of his brother Mitchell. He hopes to start a new life there, but secrets will emerge that will change for him. or him.

Genre: Supernatural, Drama

Set in the year 2120, It is a future of technology as Nickolas Faraday invented a robot name C.A.S.H. ( Central, Automated, Service, Humanoid ) A robot able to perform every need you desire to use for from house cleaning to be a protector but things dont go as planned when one robot develop a personality and decided a revolt from humanity. Now, it is a race against time before C.A.S.H. releases a robotic assault on humanity and its up to Nick to save our universe before the clutches of a coming robotic apocalypse.

Genre: Science Fiction , Comedy

Alex, a 33-year-old man wants to travel with his friends during spring break, but cannot because he doesn’t have money to travel to London. In Returns, he receives a box with a special bracelet inside that gives him the ability to teleport.

Genre: Science fiction Comedy

A love story between and two shakers Salt and Pepper and their unforgettable love for each other. Can they live and love together?

A Student made short film tells a story about the fame 1980's Rocker Jeff Lizard. This one on one interviews takes you back to early 2000's where Entertainment News Today Interviewed him.

Genre: Science Fiction , Comedy

It is Sams first day in college as she navigates her first day in class as her inner monologue clashes with her. Will she survive as she deals with her inner critic.

Genre: Comedy


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