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Scroll below and see  array of past and current short film trailers.

This trailer sets up a scene called Silver Fox of the 31st Century. It tells the story of the superhero name The Silver Fox. This will be in two Parts. Part 1: the completed scene for Silver Fox of the 31st Century. Part 2: tutorial on some of the VFX effects from the scene such as super speed, flight, and X-Ray vision. check out this preview for these dates.

Synopsis: Cosmo is an alien from the Year 3,254. He’s on the run from Nyron, an alien Cyborg bounty hunter who has been hired by the government on Cosmo’s home planet. However, Cosmo uses time travel to evade Nyron but lands in the year 2022. Everything doesn’t go as planned when his ship gets accidentally gets smashed by an earthling. Now, Cosmo and his new friend, Alex, must work together to fix his ship or be captured by Nyron.

The four-part anthology episode series travels the viewers through space and time with elements of the future of aliens and time travel with “My Best Friend is an Alien from Outer Space” to the depth of the oceans of other worlds with “The Mystery of the Lost City of Atlantis”, and the far reaches of space on globe trolling space odyssey quest with “Star Quest Voyage Through the Cosmos and Beyond”. Finally, in the far future treasure hunting from traveling to the stars and the universe with “The Lost Treasure of Captain Bootleg Jackson”.

ynopsis: Andy Gardener has always been into magic and his favorite Magician They Mighty Crawford. Now, he must finish his history paper on the famous Crawford Manor or fail. He comes to learn more about the house when he enters it and realized it is actually haunted by ghosts and learns theirs more to the house than he never thought.

Story: During the fall of the first fight with the Wraiths and coming to grips he is not human. Evan learns he must travel through space to reach Andorra The Lost City of Atlantis to reach the staff of Moonda so he can stop the Wraiths of Eldor for once and for all to save his earth and countless worlds in the process.

Story: In the 23rd century, A young adult Evan Mccory comes to learn he is half-alien and human but comes to learn he is not alone in the universe as Alistair reaches him After the Attack on the Desert Plains of Achilles. Now, it is a race against time to defeat the Wraiths of Eldor before all is lost. Will Evan step up and accept his destiny as a S.E.N.T.I.N.E.L. Ranger.

Story: In the far future, Alexandra is a technologically advanced alien race. During a battle against the Wraiths of Eldor. Alistair of Moonda a ranger flees his home planet and in hopes to find others to the band with him to defeat the wraiths. Upon his travels, he comes to learn another of his species in the deepest part of the universe. Will he make it in time to reach the half-alien/half-human Evan on planet Earth?

Synopsis: an observational documentary as you explore through the deep sea to hear how sound plays an important part in a narrative film.

Synopsis of the Film: Mark has always felt comfortable and safe until one-night jogging learns the existence of vampires. Can he handle the truth of what happens when nightfall comes, when Vampires comes out at night?

This is a trailer for the short film for Cyclops X90 A virtual odyssey. Story: Liam who is a gamer buys the latest 3D gaming system but is unaware of what waits for him in the VR World. he learns that everything comes at a price when he learns a deadly threat emerges for him and must escape the world he is in. Will he escape or be stuck inside the game world forever?

Story: Set in the future of 2120, it is an age of technology as robot from Faraday System whose purpose to help maintain the quality of human life until it develops a personality and want to destroy humanity at any cost. Now, the creator of the robot Nick must stop him before a pending robotic apocalypse is on the rise.

Synopsis: A young adult Thomas returns to his childhood hometown to Lake View, Maine He hopes to start a new life there, but secrets will emerge that will change for him.

Synopsis of the Film: Alex, a 33-year-old man wants to travel with his friends during spring break, but cannot because he doesn’t have money to travel to London. In Returns, he receives a box with a special bracelet inside that gives him the ability to teleport.

Story: It is set in a dystopian future where Nickolas is on the run from evil Dragon Over lord who is bent on power and control of his Nickolas power that comes from a family medallion but with it Dimitri can take control of the realm and destroy all of man kind

Synopsis: It is set in a dystopian future where Nickolas is on the run from evil Dragon Over lord who is bent on power and control of his Nickolas power that comes from a family medallion but with it Dimitri can take control of the realm and destroy all of man kind.

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