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This page will also serve as an official connection to upcoming short film releases, upcoming short films, Poster releases, and trailer release and connected to the youtube page. Check out the link to the youtube page by clicking on the icon picture: 

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Currently, I am working on a short film series that started in March and will run through till May. Scroll down to see more on the S.E.N.T.I.N.E.L. RANGERS Short film Series. 

Genre: Science Fiction, Action, Drama, Comedy, 


Story: In the far future, Alexandra is a technologically advanced alien race. During a battle against the Wraiths of Eldor. Alistair of Moonda a ranger flees his home planet and in hopes to find others to the band with him to defeat the wraiths. Upon his travels, he comes to learn another of his species in the deepest part of the universe. Will he make it in time to reach the half-alien/half-human Evan on planet Earth?

Released: Now available online. check out the page for New & Upcoming short films to see it. 

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Check out the preview to the second short film S.E.N.T.I.N.E.L. RANGERS Birth of a Hero Rising

Story: In the 23rd century, A young adult Evan comes to learn he is half-alien and human but comes to learn he is not alone in the universe as Alistair reaches him After the Attack on the Desert Plains of Achilles. Now, it is a race against time to defeat the Wraiths of Eldor before all is lost. Will Evan step up and accept his destiny as a S.E.N.T.I.N.E.L. Ranger.

Short Film Currently Avaible online. Link to short film:

Due to the high volume of this short film. it will be released tomorrow. Tune in then for the short film plus new movie news on the film.


The Rise of Infinity Man Trailer


The conclusion to the short film series will be coming this

month on May 28th. Tune in on May 7th for the trailer to the short film. 

Story: During the fall of the first fight with the Wraiths and coming to grips he is not human. Evan learns he must travel through space to reach Andorra The Lost City of Atlantis to reach the staff of Moonda so he can stop the Wraiths of Eldor for once and for all to save his earth and countless worlds in the process.

Short Film Release: May 28,2021